Supporting Materials

The following materials were created by the authors for teachers to use freely in their classrooms:

Record Keeping Form for Teachers and Students
Checklist for Creating a Student Portfolio
Lesson Plan Outline including California Language Arts Standards
Behavior Code Poster
Help Telephone Numbers Poster
Life Skills Poster
Talk It Out Poster
Great Internet Safety Poster

Brainstorm Worksheet
Fable Worksheet
Telephone Memo Worksheet
Idiom Worksheets
Assessment Activities

Multiple Choice Answering Sheets
"Say It" (Pre Test/Post Test)
12 Word Searches
Cross Word Puzzles
Internet Resource for Comprehensive Dictionary of English Idioms
Feeling Words: Vocabulary List
12 Steps for Adult Anger Management
Appointment Calendar for Practice
Model for I.E.P.
Blank I.E.P. Template in Microsoft Word
Checklist of Accommodations to Improve Student Performance
Suggestions for Controlling Aggressive Students
Profile of Our Students Today
Let's Make Faces! A Worksheet (Boy Model)
Let's Make Faces! A Worksheet (Girl Model)
Emotions Bingo/Lotto Game
Bingo/Lotto Card #2
Rubric for Cooperative Learning Activities
Basic Rubric for Evaluating Social Skills
Draw It! Form

List of Pantomimes
Worksheets for Fables
Personal Grooming Checklist

"Super Star"
"You Can't Take It With You!"
"Stay Cool"
"Fast Food"
"Don't Lose Your Head"
"Eat Your Words"
"Down to Earth"
"The Top Banana"
"Balancing the Books"
"Pulling the Wool"
"Catching Up"
"The Cold Shoulder"
"On the Edge"
"Catching Up"
"Giving In"
"Night Owl"
"Fly off the Handle"
"Sick as a Dog"
"Behind the Eight Ball"
"Don't Get Your Shirt in a Knot"
"The Chairperson"
"A Lame Duck"
"Pushing the Envelope"
"Getting Your Foot In the Door"
"Mad as a Hornet"
"Eating Crow"
"Being Under the Gun"
"Rule of Thumb"
"Keep a Level Head"
"A Game of Cat and Mouse"

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