Teacher Record

Part One: The Foundations of Learning Social Skills

Date Presented: Skill: Comments:
  The Concept of Registers  
  Reading Facial Expressions  
  Appreciating Cultural Differences  
  Rules for Working in a Group  
  Guidelines for Drawings  
  Understanding Dominance  
  The Handshake  
  Hurting Words  
  Idiomatic Expressions  
  Feelings Vocabulary  
  Interpreting Non-Verbal Cues  

Part Two: Social Skills Taught With Middle School Language Arts Standards

Date Presented: Basic Social Skill: Comments:
  Accepting Criticism  
  Accepting "No"  
  American Table Manners  
  Dealing with Fear  
  Expressing Feelings  
  Following Directions  
  Introducing Yourself  
  Passing In Hallways  
  Reading Body Language  
  Showing Respect  
  Solving a Problem  
  Talking with Others  
  Magical Words  
  Using Humor  
  Waiting Your Turn  
  Skills Related to Discipline  
  Accept Consequences  
  Children's Rights  
  Controlling Anger  
  Dominant & Submissive Roles  
  Good Sportsmanship  
  Learning to Disagree  
  Responding to Defeat  
  Using Self-Control  
  Skills In Classroom  
  Adhering to Dress Codes  
  Appropriate Language  
  Asking Questions  
  Being On Time  


  Complying with Requests  
  Getting Teacher's Attention  
  Ignoring Distractions  
  Listening to Others  
  Group Discussions  
  Resisting Peer Pressure  
  Setting Goals  
  Staying On Task  
  Tolerances of Differences  
  Willing to Try New Tasks  
  Skills & Self-Esteem  
  Accepting Compliments  
  Changes in Adolescence  
  Exchanging Gifts  
  Expressing Success  
  Giving Compliments  
  Helping Others  
  Knowing Strengths  
  12 Years: Age of Reason  
  Trigger Points and Buttons  
  Skills With Peers  
  Accepting an Apology  
  Arguing Respectfully  
  Asking a Favor  
  Being a Good Listener  
  Conflict Resolution  
  Conversational Skills  
  Dealing With Bullying  
  Declining and Invitation  
  Expressing Empathy  
  Expressing Grief  
  Getting Someone's Attention  
  Greeting Others  
  Interrupting Appropriately  
  Maintaining Friendships  
  Making New Friends  
  Media Models  
  Offering Assistance  
  Refusing Requests  
  Responding to Prejudice  
  Responding to Teasing  
  Showing Appreciation  
  Visiting a Sick Friend  
  Skills With Adults  
  Accepting Disciplinary Actions  
  Completing Agreements  
  Determining Time For A Request  
  Following Safety Rules  
  Following Verbal Directions  
  Goal Setting  
  Greeting a Dog and Its Owner  
  Making a Suggestion  
  Reporting Emergencies  
  Reporting Inappropriate Actions  
  Showing Respectful Submission  
  Prevocational Skills:  
  Doorway Etiquette  
  Interacting with Opposite Sex  
  Internet Safety and Courtesy  
  Interviewing Skills  
  Introducing Others  
  Introducing Yourself  
  Making an Appointment  
  Managing an Angry Person  
  Personal Hygiene  
  Professional Conduct  
  Relaxation Strategies  
  Riding in an Elevator  
  Telephone Etiquette  
  Writing a Memo  

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