1. I will use my Life Skills every day. I will use common sense and learn to problem solve in a positive, responsible, and productive manner.

2. I will be polite and respectful of all students and adults. This means I will not call names, use profanity, intimidate, create a hostile environment, or hurt others.

3. I will come to school on time, with school supplies, gym clothes, a positive attitude, ready to learn, cooperate, and make every day a good day!

4. I will work hard to develop good work habits by using my Binder Reminder every day, complete my homework every day, and ask for help from teachers.

5. I will follow the El Dorado Dress Code because it will keep me save and free of distractions, so I will learn and be successful.

6. I will only bring items to school that are necessary. This means I will not bring illegal items on campus (e.g. weapons, explosive devices, controlled substances, tobacco, matches, lighters); electronic items, laser pointers, or gum.

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