Idiom Worksheets

The following pages have activities to learn how we say crazy things that have meanings unlike any of the words. All languages have these funny sayings. And it's important to know that when we say these things to others there are social skills we must use.

Idioms give a friendly feeling to our conversation. We use them with our peers. There are times that we don't use them.

Below is a listing of the worksheets. You can browse through them using the arrow prompt.

"Super Star"
"You Can't Take It With You!"
"Stay Cool"
"Fast Food"
"Don't Lose Your Head"
"Eat Your Words"
"Down to Earth"
"The Top Banana"
"Balancing the Books"
"Pulling th Wool"
"Catching Up"
"The Cold Shoulder"
"On the Edge"
"Catching Up"
"Giving In"
"Night Owl"
"Fly off the Handle"
"Sick as a Dog"
"Behind the Eight Ball"
"Don't Get Your Shirt in a Knot"
""The Chairperson"
"A Lame Duck"
"Pushing the Envelope"
"Getting Your Foot In the Door"
"Mad as a Hornet"
"Eating Crow"
"Being Under the Gun"
"Rule of Thumb"
"Keep a Level Head"
"A Game of Cat and Mouse"

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