Grooming Checklist: Head to Toe!

Hint: You will probably want to dress like you're going to work. You'll want your future boss to envision you working for him. See Interview Skills

___ Hair combed and in an appropriate style

___ Hats...usually best left behind. Worn outdoors only

___ Face clean. (Girls should wear minimal make-up)

___ Scent free, that is no perfume or after shave lotion

___ Deodorant

___ Teeth brushed and flossed

___ Neck- free of jewelry

___ Neck- if you have an open shirt, only top button is open

___ Neck clean- you may want to use rubbing alcohol (keeps dress shirt color clean)

___ Neck tie-appropriate for business setting

___ Collar- is it buttoned

___ Hands clean with limited jewelry

___ Clean and well manicured fingernails

___ Watch-usually worn on left hand. Correct time?

___ Belt- should be same color as shoes

___ Belt- did you put it through all the loops

___ Belt length-should be 5 inches longer than your waist

___ Pants-ironed?

___ Pants-buttoned in front and back

___ Shoes-shined

___ Shoes-same color as belt

___ Most important!!! Your smile!