Authors' Informal Assessments

The authors of this project propose the following activity as a vehicle for documenting some of the basic social skills for individual students. Essentially the activity is a multiple choice test, in which the students are asked to identify what characters in certain situations might say.

There are several ways in which this evaluation may be administered, using the multiple choice answer sheet provided:

  • Students may work individually taking the test over the Internet, moving from one item to the next by clicking on the green arrow link.
  • The test may be shown to an entire class by using the Internet and a TVator.
  • Teachers are invited to download the test items from the Internet and make up individual assessment workbooks or packets.

Instructions for the testing are provided on the following pages. This assessment is not standardized and the results are offered to our readers for interpretation and indication of need in general skill areas.

There are two versions of the test. One is an open response test in which the student is asked to write his own answers. The second test is a multiple choice exam.

Please click here for the open response versions. Students will need a piece of paper to write down what they think the characters should say.

Please continue by clicking here for the multiple choice test