Teaching Acceptable Student Drawings

Because drawings are used in many of the activities in teaching social skills, it is best to provide students with guidelines of acceptable boundaries. The authors recommend students use simple stick -like figures.

When Mr. Mills introduces drawings he jokes with the class. "Welcome to Mr. Mills' Academy of Modern Art. Our general rule is 'simpler is better." The faster students can draw their ideas on paper, the better.

Below are some general principles about drawing:

Men are defined with a triangle pointing down as their body. Stick arms and legs.

Women are defined with a triangle pointing up as their body. Sick arms and legs.

The purpose of this instruction is that the teacher will want the ideas of the student to be drawn quickly and easily. If the teacher sets a high standard, some students will concentrate on the art rather than this topic. When the teacher demonstrates a lack of ability to draw well...and makes fun of himself... all students feel comfortable with their creations. The triangular body shapes to indicate gender eliminates the drawing of "unwanted" anatomical parts.

See Sample of Student Drawings

See "Draw It" form for teaching idioms

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Teaching Acceptable Student Drawings