Project's Authors

Claudia Jimenez:
Ms. Jimenez was a special day class teacher, honored many times over for her distinguished contributions to the special education community. She has returned to her home in New Mexico.
Karen Falchetta:
Miss Falchetta's classroom instruction was enhanced by her fourteen years of accounting and business experience. Her extensive professional training has given her a solid knowledge of computers and software programs.
John S. Mills:
Mr. Mills continues as the speech therapist and audiologist at El Dorado. His professional interests include linguistics, computerized imagery, website architecture, electronics and augmentative communicative devices.
Barbara Weil:
Mrs. Weil continues as the principal at our middle school. Highly acclaimed as exceptionally creative, her imagination and fresh ideas have made the El Dorado campus an attractive, nurturing educational environment. She has been recognized for her progressive and innovative thinking in delivering quality public school instruction.

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