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Social skills training can be easily infused into the curriculum that teachers must address the California Language Arts Frameworks.  If the social skills lessons, whether written or oral, are not inherent in the recommended literature, they can be addressed as extension activities.On the next page the authors have identified the specific language arts standards which are addressed at the same time that social skills are being taught. The standards have been organized by grade levels and in categories of reading, writing, listening and speaking. They appear on the next page.

At El Dorado Middle School the Prentice Hall Literature textbooks, which have been adopted and approved by the State of California, are being used in all three middle school grade levels. For our teachers' convenience the authors of this project have aligned the essential social skill lessons with the literary pieces. You will view these starting in the page after next. There are downloadable versions of these spreadsheets in the Teacher Resource Section of this web site. Teachers are invited to use these in lesson planning and tracking.

Special education teachers, please see our cut & paste procedures for creating I.E.P's.