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The benefits of teaching social skills can be readily measured by several means. A method frequently used in studies is the analysis office referrals (Thompson, Ruma, & Nelson 1998). Data may be compared between statistics from year to year. Employing the Osiris attendance system, school administrators can analyze not only the number of referrals, but also the reasons that required their interventions. The data may also be analyzed to document a reduction in disciplinary problems, detentions and referrals to Saturday schools.

The Walker-McConnell Scale of Social Competence and School Adjustment for Adolescents can be utilized to secure a numerical rating of either the school’s or a specific classroom's learning environment. Comparing the Scale's findings may document improvement before and after the implementation of the project's teaching techniques.

This project also provides rubrics for the behaviors and skills in each of the lessons. Visitors are welcome to download and duplicate these for use during the lesson plans. All the students in the class complete these about their peers who participate in the role plays. Another document for individual students may be secured by administrating our informal quiz (see site map for its location).

Teachers may elect for students to create individual portfolios of the lessons taught in their classroom. On our page of downloads from this web site, we have included a student record form that would be included as a directory for this collection of student work. A record form for teachers is also available.

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