Prentice Hall Literature Series
Copper Level, 6th Grade

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UNIT ONE      
"The Summer of Running"
Shopping Passing in Hallways p. 6
"The Stray"
Greeting a Person Walking A Dog
Idioms: Word with "dog:"
"Saying Yes"
Appreciating Cultural Differences Recognizing Your Strengths p. 32
"Jeremiah's Song"
Visiting someone who is ill Expressing Grief p. 38
"The King of Mazy May"
Experiencing Success Changes in Adolescence p. 52
"The Circuit"
Introducting Yourself Introducing Others p. 66
"Hard as Nails"
American Table Manners Making an Appointment
p. 72
"An Astronaut's Answer" Interviewing Skills Setting Personal Goals p. 87
UNIT TWO      
"How to Write A Letter"
Writing a Thank You Letter
Showing Appreciation p. 102
"Aaron's Gift"
Dealing with Group Pressure
Making an Apology
p. 112
Table Etiquette
Dealing with Defeat
p. 120
  Showing Empathy
See also film "Miracle Worker" P. 120
"Zlateh the Goat"
Dealing with Fear
Idiom: "To look downcast" p. 128
"Count that Day Lost"
Making New Friends p. 141
"Star Girl"
Offering Assistance
Showing Empathy p. 146
"Old Ben"
Expressing Grief
Idiom: "A snake in the grass" p. 154
"Feathered Friend"
Participating In a Group Discussion Idiom: "keeled over", "jet lag" p. 159
"As Close As We Can"
Giving Compliments Accepting Compliments p. 167
"The Pig man& Me"
Making New Friends
Solving a Disagreement
p. 182
"Thunder Butte"
Respond to Others' Feelings
Expressing Feelings p. 194
"Mowgli's Brothers"
Disagreeing with Others
Arguing Respectfully p. 210
"Names" Appropriate Language

p. 224
"The Southpaw"
Expressing Feelings
Expressing Success p. 229
 "Alone in the Nets"
Setting Goals
p. 232
 "Women in Sports"
Interacting with Opposite Sex
  p. 238
 Wright Brothers"
Self Improvement
  p. 240
 "Dream Dust"
Setting Goals Idiom: "Bed of Roses" p. 248
"Gentle Giants"
Showing Respect
  p. 254
"Lob's Girl"
Reporting Emergencies
Making a Get Well Card
p. 270
 "The Tiger Be King"
Accepting Defeat or Loss
Accepting No p. 282
 "The Lion and The Bulls"
Contributing to Group
See Fable Form p. 284
 "Greyling"     p. 290
 "Bud, Not Buddy" Making New Friends Following Safety Rules p. 310
 "A Backwards Boy" Adolescence Setting Goals p. 316
 "Justice at Last" Tolerance of Differences Responding to Defeat p. 325
 UNIT FIVE      
 "The Fun They Had" Arguing Respectfully   p. 352
 "Breaker's Bridge"
Completing Agreements Being On Time p. 392
 "Why Tortoise Shell Is"
Knowing Your Strengths Fable: "The Tortoise and the Hare" p. 411
"Becky and the Boys"
Interacting with Opposite Sex Asking a Favor p. 448

"Overdoing It"

Facing Fear Using Humor p. 460
Coming of Age Embarrassment p. 465
"Lawyer & the Ghost"
Conversational Skills   p. 478
"The Wounded Wolf"
Submission & Dominance Bark up the wrong tree p. 482
"All-American Slurp"
Tolerating Differences   p. 496
"The Stone"
Accepting Consequences   p. 505
"The Shutout"
Responding to Prejudice Idiom: "Curve ball" p. 532
 "Letter to Scottie"
Setting Goals Idiom: You're a good egg. p. 542
 "My Papa, Mark Twain"
Sense of Humor Accepting Compliments p. 554
 "How Internet Works"
Netiquette Internet Safety p. 576
 "Phantom Tollbooth"
Reading Body Language   p. 614
Use of Fables

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