Changes in Adolescence: In Yourself & Your Friends

Introduction: A discussion about the physical changes in adolescence is a very important one in middle school. Students enter this stage of life at various times during middle school and it is appropriate for instruction to address it in regards to the social skills involved. The lessons are counterparts to accepting differences in others.

Adolescence will be presented as part of life science at some point in middle school. How we interact with others in various stages of the process is important to discuss in other educational arenas. A pervasive feeling of acceptance needs to included in all lessons. Maybe a growing spurt in someone could be a reason for misjudging physical space and the need to make an apology. Maybe an outbreak of acne might seem disastrous before an interview. Clearly there is a relationship between physical hygiene and the commencement of adolescence.

A reference to adolescence should be a part of many social skills lessons.

Educational Objective: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the physical and emotional changes that happen during growth periods during the early teens.
Language Arts Standard: Listening and Speaking

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