Prentice Hall Literature Series

Bronze Level, 7th Grade

To 8th Grade Level

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Social Skill:
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Unit One      
"Cat Who Thought"
Knowing Your Strengths
Idioms: "Raining C& Dogs" etc p. 6
"Two Kinds"
Accepting Criticism
Accepting "No" p. 17
"Burning Out at Nine"
Making New Friends
  p. 33
"Song of Myself"
Empathy to Others
Knowing Your Strengths p. 38
"My Furthest Back Person"
Showing Respect
Submission/Dominance p. 46
"Victor Edmundo"
Introducing Yourself
Introducing Others p. 58
Vocabulary Expansion
Idiom: "Family Tree"
Idiom:"Apple Doesn't Fall..."  
"The Third Level"
Doorway "After You"
Passing in Hallways p. 64
  Bus/Train Etiquette
Accidental phys. contact
"A Day's Wait"
Visiting A Sick Friend
Idiom: "I'm sick of.."
p. 74
  Get Well Card
Idiom: "sick to death"
"Our Mother's Garden"
Complimenting Others
Being a Good Listener
p. 106
"Seventh Grade"
Getting Someone's Attention Introducing Others
p. 116
"If" Age of Reason

p. 122
"Melting Pot"
Giving Compliments
Positive Self Statements p. 123
"Memorandum" Telephone Skills
Listening to Others
Activity: Reading Aloud
p. 137
Making a Phone Call
Role play making memo on phone
"Third Wish"
Asking a Favor
Idiom: "Be careful what you wish"
P. 168
 "Man & A Boy"
Helping Others

p. 180
  Idioms: "Icebreaker, thin ice, et
 "Into Thin Air"
Idioms: "Thin Air" "Thin dime"
Accepting Defeat
p. 191
 "Charge of the Light Brigade" Accepting Consequences
 "Californian's Tale"
Maintaining Friendships
  p. 212
 The Globe Theater
Taking a seat in an auditorium
Being a Good Listener
p. 209
"All in a Summer Day"
Introducing Yourself
Coping with Sadness
p. 216
"Stopping by Woods"
Self Monitoring
p. 226
"The Highwayman" Dealing with Fear "Defining Beauty" p. 277
"Cowboy's Life" Arguing Respectfully Solving A Problem p. 281
"Amigo Brothers" Maintaining Friendships Good Sportsmanship p. 290
"Justin Lebo" Self Improvement Setting Goals p. 300
"Cat on the Go" Reading Body Language Volunteering p. 343
"How the Snake Got Poison" Trigger Points   p. 384
"Rikki Tikki Tavi" Helping Others Conversational Skills p. 408
"After Twenty Years" Maintaining Friendships   p. 428
"Papa's Parrot " Accepting an Apology   p. 438
"Ribbons" Tolerating Differences Proximity: Personal Space p. 466
"Stolen Day" Refusing Requests   p. 494
"Rattlesnake Hunt" Following Safety Rules"   p. 518
"Native North American"     p. 529
"All Together Now"     p. 533
"No Gumption" Being Ontime   p. 554
"American Childhood" Managing Angry People   p. 562
"Monsters on Maple Street" Responding to Prejudice   p. 666
"Cremation of Sam McGee" Completing Agreements   p. 708
"Men of Honor" Willingness to Try New Tasks   p. 742
"L 100 Wit" Dealing with Opposite Sex   p. 752
"Popocatepetl" Reporting Emergencies   p. 788

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