Educational Objective: The student will behave appropriately while communicating with others on the Internet.
Language Arts Standard: Reading & Writing
Literary Platform:

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill
1. Forget about boldface, italics and tabs
2. Keep text style simple as many are not read easily by different ISPs.
3. Be courteous and use a register as if you were talking with a stranger.
4. Remember that email and even conversations in chat rooms can be cut and pasted into other documents.
5. Smileys and other graphics set a tone. See "Emoticons"

• Model the Skill
• Print out chat room discussions and emails. Have students use the rubric for evaluation them.
• Applications
• Independent Uses

!-( Black eye
!-) Proud of black eye
#-) Wiped out, partied all night
#:-o Shocked
$-) Won the lottery, or money on the brain
%(|:-) Propeller-head
%*} Inebriated
%+{ Got beat up
%-( Confused
%-) Dazed or silly
%-6 Brain-dead
%-\ Hung over
%-{ Ironic
%-| Worked all night
%-} Humorous or ironic
%\ Hangover
>>:-<< Furious
>- Female
>-> Winking devil
>-< Furious
>-) Devilish wink
>:) Little devil
>:-> Very mischievous devil
>:-< Angry
>:-< Mad
>:-( Annoyed
>:-) Mischievous devil
>=^ P Yuck
<:> Devilish expression
<:-> Devilish expression
<:-( Dunce
<:-) Innocently asking dumb question
<:-| Dunce
<:| Dunce
( 8(|) Homer
( <> .. <> ) alienated
(( )):** Hugs and kisses
((())) Lots of hugging (initials or a name can be put in the middle of the one being hugged)
() Hugging
(-: Left-handed smile, or smiley from the southern hemisphere
(:& Angry
(:- Unsmiley
(:-& Angry
(:-( Unsmiley
(:-) Smiley variation
(:-* Kiss
(:-\ Very sad
(::()::) Bandaid, meaning comfort
(:| Egghead
* Kiss
*<:-) Santa Claus
*<|:-) Santa Claus, or a clown
*-) Shot to death
+<:-) Religious leader
+<:-| Monk or nun
+<||-) Knight
+:-) Priest
+O:-) The Pope
-) Tongue in cheek
-= Snuffed candle to end a flame message
-=#:-) Wizard
/\/\/\ Laughter
0:-) Angel
12x@>--->--- A dozen roses
2B|^2B To be or not to be
5:-) Elvis
7:) Ronald Reagan
7:^) Ronald Reagan
8 Infinity
8 :-) Wizard
8) Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
8-# Death
8-) Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
8-o Shocked
8-O Astonished
8-P Yuck!
8-[ Frayed nerves; overwrought
8-] Wow!
8-| Wide-eyed surprise
: ( Sad
: ) Smile
: [ Bored, sad
: | Bored, sad
:( ) Loudmouth, talks all the time; or shouting
:* Kiss
:*) Clowning
:**: Returning kiss
:+( Got punched in the nose
:,( Crying
:- Male
:-# My lips are sealed; or someone wearing braces
:-& Tongue-tied
:-> Smile of happiness or sarcasm
:->< Puckered up to kiss
:-< Very sad
:-( Frown
:-) Classic smiley
:-* Kiss
:-, Smirk
:-/ Wry face
:-6 Exhausted
:-9 Licking lips
:-? Licking lips, or tongue in cheek
:-@ Screaming
:-C Astonished
:-c Very unhappy
:-D Laughing
:-d~ Heavy smoker
:-e Disappointed
:-f Sticking out tongue
:-I Pondering, or impartial
:-i Wry smile or half-smile
:-J Tongue in cheek
:-j One-sided smile
:-k Puzzlement
:-l One-sided smile
:-M Speak no evil
:-O Open-mouthed, surprised
:-o Surprised look, or yawn
:-P Sticking out tongue
:-p Sticking tongue out
:-p~ Heavy smoker
:-Q Tongue hanging out in disgust, or a smoker
:-Q~ Smoking
:-r Sticking tongue out
:-s What?!
:-t Unsmiley
:-V Shouting
:-X My lips are sealed; or a kiss
:-x Kiss, or My lips are sealed
:-Y Aside comment
:-[ Unsmiling blockhead; also criticism
:-\'| Sniffles
:-] Smiling blockhead; also sarcasm
:-{) Smile with moustache
:-{)} Smile with moustache and beard
:-{} Blowing a kiss
:-| Indifferent, bored or disgusted
:-| :-| Deja vu
:-|| Very angry
:-} Mischievous smile
:-~) A cold
:-~| A cold
:.( Crying
:/) Not funny
:/i No smoking
:> What?
:@ What?
:C Astonished
:e Disappointed
:P Sticking out tongue
:X Hear no evil
:x Kiss
:\' Crying
:\'( Crying
:\'-( Crying
:\'-) Tears of happiness
:^D Happy, approving
:`-( Shedding a tear
:{ Having a hard time
:~) A cold
:~-( Crying
:~/ Confused
; ) Wink
; P Wink with a raspberry
;( Crying
;-( Angry, or got a black eye
;-) Winkey
;-D Winking and laughing
= O Surprised
= X My lips are sealed
=):-)= Abraham Lincoln
=:-) Punk, or hosehead
=====:} Snake
=^* Kisses
=^D Big grin
?( Black eye
?-( Black eye
@>--->--- A long-stemmed rose
@== Atomic bomb
@}->-- Rose
B:-) Sunglasses on head
d :-o Hats off to you!
IOHO In Our Humble Opinion
M-) See no evil
M-), :X, :-M See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
M:-) A salute
O 8-) Starry-eyed angel
O :-) Angel
O+ Female
O-> Male
O8-) Starry-eyed angel
O:-) Angel
P* French kiss
Q:-) College graduate
X-( Just died
[:-) Wearing a Walkman
[:-] Square head
[:-| Frankenstein
[:] Robot
[:| Frankenstein
[:|] Robot
[[ ]] Hug Insert a name in the brackets of the one who is being hugged, as: [[Marcia]]
[] Hug
\') Winky
\'-) Winky
\_/ Empty glass
\~/ Full glass
]:-> Devil
]:-) Happy devil
][ Back to back
^ ^ ^ Giggles
^5 High five
`:-) Raised eyebrow
{{ }} Hug; the one whose name is in the brackets is being hugged Example: {{MJ}}
{} No comment
|( Sleepy (on late night email message)
|-<> Puckered up for a kiss
|-( Sleepy, struggling to stay awake, or sleeping badly
|-D Big laugh
|-O Yawn
|-{ Good grief!
|-| Asleep
|I Asleep
|^o Snoring
}-) Wry smile
}: [ Angry, frustrated
}{ Face to face
~ :-( Steaming mad
~:-( Flame message
~:-\ Elvis
~:o Baby
~:\ Elvis
~= Lit candle, indicating a flame (inflammatory message)
~== Begins a flame (inflammatory message)
~~:-( Especially hot flame message
~~:[ Net flame
~~~~8} Snake
~~~~~8} Snake

See also Acceptable Internet Use Agreement

Ten Rules for being a Good Netizen
The following rules were proposed by writer Virginia Shea in a book called Netiquette, and they pretty much cover the important things you need to remember to be a good citizen of cyberspace.

1. Remember we are people.
2. Adhere to the same standards of behaviour on-line that you follow in real life.
3. Know where you are in cyberspace.
4. Respect other people's time and bandwidth.
5. Make yourself look good on-line.
6. Share expert knowledge.
7. Help keep flames under control.
8. Respect other people's privacy.
9. Don't abuse your power.
10. Be forgiving of other people's mistakes.
(from Virginia Shea (1994) Netiquette Albion Books San Francisco pp 32-33)






















































































See also lesson in Internet Safety


Rubric for the Role Plays

Student (Speaker)____________________________ Student (Subject)____________________________

Date: _____________________
Observer's Name:___________________________________________

Social Skill: ___________________________________

Observations: No Yes
Did the student refrain from using about boldface, italics and tabs?    
Did the stduent keep the text style simple?    
Was the student courteous?    
Did the student remember that email and even conversations in chat rooms can be cut and pasted into other documents? (Note: You can even cut and paste back into the same chat room!)    
Did the student use s mileys and other graphics set a tone. See "Emoticons"    

Additional Comments: _______________________________________________________________________