A Planetarium for Every Classroom
Building and Using a Planetarium for Your Classroom Using Inexpensive Materials

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Jeff Adkins will be at NSTA Atlanta on Saturday, April 3 2004 to explain how to build a cardboard planetarium, share copies of the plans, and provide updates to the designs on this web site.

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2004-04-03 - 08:00 - 09:00 - Building a Classroom Planetarium
Atlanta Mariott Marquis Hotel, International 10 room
[Workshop, Earth, General]
Presenter(s): Jeff Adkins (Deer Valley High School, Antioch, CA)
Learn how to build a planetarium from readily available materials that's large enough to hold an entire class.

Don't forget: we want to know about any domes you build. Send us pictures and we'll post them here on the site!





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Building a Dome

2 Meter
5 Meter
Paint Your Project


Making a Projector

Building a Projector


Using the Planetarium




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