With our classes, we read the wonderful tale of murder, mystery and intrigue, The True Confessions of Charlotte Dolye, by Avi. We follow the adventures of the unlikely character, Charlotte, as she makes her way across the high seas. As Charlotte and the ship's crew crosses the Atlantic Ocean from England to Connecticut, the crew engages in ship talk, completes their crew jobs and tasks and life at sea comes alive

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"...a red welt marked him from his left cheek to his right ear. Blood began to ooze".
"There, beneath it, lay Mr. Hollybrass face down. A knife was stuck in his back, plunged so deeply that only the scrimshaw handle could be seen."


Find out more about the author of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by visiting his web site. Once there, read about his life in the section "About Avi". Find out how he decided to become an author and why he has such an unusual name. Then, get ready to start the writing activity.

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