Adaptation and Extensions:

This activity is an introduction to genetics and genetic crossings. The activities can be modified to further students knowledge of curriculum standards. For instance, codominant genes can be illustrated by introducing an intermediate phenotype. The heterozygous genotype of one white sock and one red sock would produce a pink chest blackbird.

The activity can also be modified for gifted students. In addition to predicting possible genetic outcomes from various genetic crosses, students may be challenged to predict the number of baby birds with each phenotype produced from a nest of 20 eggs.

As a crosscurricular extension, students can write a story about a family of birds. Although mom and dad both have white chests one of the babies is born with a red chest. How could this happen? How does being different from others in his family make him feel? Does he feel special, individual, isolated, or outcast?

"Teacher Double Feature"
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May 2002