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Instructions for Downloading Intellpics Activities

The following files are Downloadable Activities Files in various formats. Please be sure to pick the appropriate file - Windows or Machintosh format - for your system.

To Unstuff Your File
On a Macintosh, if you have Stuffit Expander the files will decompress automatically and put the activity folder on your desktop. If you don't have Stuffit Expander, click here: Stuffit Expander.

On a PC you will need to decompress the file using WinZip. If you don't have WinZip, click here: download WinZip.

If you do not have the IntelliTools program you will need to install the IntelliTools Player.



Tide Pool - Look Closer by Christiane Gunzi A Funfax Book

Tidepools by Diana Barnhart & Vicki Leon
Silver Burdett Press

Beneath the Waves by Norbert Wu Chronicle Books San Francisco

One Small Square Seashore by Donald m. Silver McGraw-Hill

Shells - Eyewitness Explorers by Jennifer Coldrey
Publisher - Dorling Kindersley

Discovering Seashells by Douglas Florian
Publisher - Silver Burdett Ginn Inc.

Seashore Life on Rocky Coasts by Judith Connor


Behind-the-Scenes at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
-- Monterey Bay Aquarium
Eyewitness Seashore -- DK Vision
Life In The Deep -- Monterey Bay Aquarium

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