to the People Whose Special Efforts Made This Project Possible

Above: Mildred Browne, Gary Mc Henry, Barbara Weil and members of the El Dorado Staff address components of a successful educational experience for our students. The authors of this web site wish to thank the individuals below for their roles in the production of "Teaching Social Skills in the Language Arts Curriculum."

Elsa Bastista:
Ms. Bastista is an instructional assistant and translator. She volunteered to write the Spanish version of our web site. We are most appreciative of her dedication to members of our Hispanic community.

Mildred Browne:
Dr. Browne is an inspirational force within our school district. Thanks to her skillful planning, language arts programs and school climates have been enriched immeasurably.

Hafeez Jaffer

Mr. Jaffer has volunteered as a computer consultant to various staffs of the special education department for over ten years. A graduate of Northgate High School, Mr. Jaffer is pursuing an advanced degree in technology and computer science at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. Many thanks for his involvement with this project.

Susan Laufer:
Mrs. Laufer has been an inspiration to this project. She has personally supervised the execution of many of the lessons in the teachers' classroom in order to offer her ideas about refinements. A vice principal and dedicated administrator at the El Dorado Middle School, he has provided an endless amount of encouragement to the project implementers.

Gary Mc Henry :
Dr. Mc Henry has brought a new vision to our district as the superintendent; one in which a student's academic and personal success is highly valued. The authors have been profoundly appreciative of his support of this project and our school.

Mary Moffitt:
Ms. Moffitt is a skilled language arts teacher engaging our middle school students with her love of literature. She was instrumental in linking the stories of the Prentice Hall series with the social skills identified in this project.

Ed & Barbara Tonningsen:
The Tonningsens have been an inspirational force in Diablo Valley, working closely with programs serving students within our school district and throughout the Diablo Valley. They have dedicated their lives to teaching the social skills that nurture harmony among diverse people.

The C.C.C.O.E. Staff: The staff at the Technical staff at the Contra Costa County Office provided tremendous support through their classes and individual assistance. Many thanks to Mac Carey, Marcia Russell and Doug Prouty.

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