Teaching Nonverbal Language Skills

The authors recommend activities in this kit for teaching:
overall nonverbal language
eye contact
facial expression
gestures & postures
paralinguistics & personal space


The Nonverbal Language Kit
Ages 7 - 16
This first-of-its-kind kit gives you everything you need for a complete nonverbal language curriculum! The specific instruction will help children recognize, interpret, and use nonverbal language appropriately. It's perfect for your students with NLD, autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and language-based learning disabilities. You'll get 100 cards with realistic, simple illustrations depicting facial expressions, gestures, and postures. The artwork is exceptional! The instructor's manual provides in-depth background information, assessment checklists, training goals, and activities for: overall nonverbal language, eye contact, facial expression, gestures & postures, other nonverbal factors, including paralinguistics & personal space. Part of the training is Face It!, two fun tic-tac-toe games based on discriminating emotional expressions. You'll also get a handy, complete index of expression cards.
88 page instructor's manual, 100 illustrated cards, 2 Face It! games (18 game boards, 18 calling cards, 150 tokens,) wooden display tray to hold cards, vinyl carring case
Author: Carolyn LoGiudice, Margaret Warner

The company's link is www.linguisystems.com.  
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