Dress Code Policy

Students, staff, volunteers and visitors are the School community. This Dress Code is for and by the Community. It must be evaluated each year through cooperative planning so that community standards are kept current. This code, with current community standards, must be clearly posted (revised 4/2001).

As a member of the community, each person will show respect for themselves and others safety by not wearing clothing that have offensive, distracting, disrespectful, or unsafe symbols or written messages.

As a member of the community, each person will take responsibility for applying the Dress Code consistently.

As a member of the community, each person has the right and responsibility to make a polite request that the Dress Code be honored. If it is not honored, a student may be cited with a violation and may call home to get appropriate clothing, wear a P.E. uniform, or wear clothing provided by the office.

School is your place of business.
Dress for Success

1. Students may not wear clothing or have personal belongs with messages and/or symbols that are disrespectful (rude, slur, put down), offensive (unpleasant, attacking, disgusting, hostile) and/or distracting (attracting attention that interferes with learning and teaching), such as:
A. Offensive ethnic remarks
B. Violence/death
C. Drugs, including alcohol and tobacco
D. Sexual slurs
E. Harassment
F. Suicide
G. Put downs

2. Clothing that shows parts of the body inappropriately is not allowed. Examples of appropriate clothing:
A. Tank tops must have modest necklines and armholes.
B. Shorts, skirts, shorts, and dresses must be mid thigh in length and modest when sitting, standing, or bending over.
C. See-through shirts may be worn over appropriate tops.
D. Shirts must cover the waistband. No crop tops.
Examples of inappropriate clothing:
A. Underwear showing, including bra straps or boxer shorts.
B. Very tight clothing.
C. Shirts with low cut arm holes.
3. Perfumes/colognes may only be worn with consideration of others.

4. Students may not wear clothing or accessories that are unsafe:
A. Any colors used by a group as a uniform that can be identified with an unsafe message or activity.
B. Articles of clothing or jewelry identifying the individual with an unsafe activity or group.
C. Jewelry that could be used for violence.
D. Chains must be on wallets only, 12-14 inches in length, including the wallet. Chains must be kept in pockets.
E. Head coverings, such as hats, scarves, bandanas, etc., are not allowed. Students may wear sweatshirts or jackets with hoods on cold or rainy days. Hoods must be removed when entering a classroom or any school building.
F. Regulation P.E. head coverings, any plain white hat, may be worn during outside activity time, as protection from the sun.
G. Sagging pants are not appropriate.

We respectfully request that adults visiting and volunteering on campus or at school events model our dress code guidelines.

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