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Information on Bullying for Parents and Teachers - An excerpt from ASAP: A School-based Anti-Violence Program, providing parents and teachers with information on bullying in schools. ... WHAT IS BULLYING? ... http://www.lfcc.on.ca/bully.htm search within this site

Anti-Bullying Network: www.antibullying.net
Bully Online http://www.successunlimited.co.uk Bullies
Bullying.org - supportive community where people can learn that they are not alone in dealing with the issues of bullying and teasing.
http://www.bullying.org/ search within this site

Bullying Book: Free download at http://www.arise-skills.org/contentpage.asp?c=11

Bullying Assessment: http://www.cfchildren,org.assessmentfaq.pdf

Bullying at School - Bullying at School Information. SCRE's involvement in issues ... more information about this. Bullying at School: What families can do. ...
http://www.scre.ac.uk/bully/ search within this site

Bully OnLine - provides insight and information on all types of bullying including child bullying, bullying in schools, and bullying by adults.
http://www.successunlimited.co.uk/ search within this site

Welcome to the Anti-Bullying Network Web site
- Welcome to the Anti-Bullying Network
http://www.antibullying.net/ search within this site

Bullying in schools & what to do with about it
- Dr Ken Rigby
http://www.education.unisa.edu.au/bullying/ search within this site

What's Bullying? - ... What is bullying? Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. ... Why is bullying harmful? ...
http://www.nobully.org.nz/advicek.htm search within this site

Bullying in Schools.. - Bullying is a serious problem that can dramatically affect the ability of students to progress academically and socially. Bullying ...
http://www.ed.gov/databases/ERIC_Digests/ed407154.html search within this site

Bully B'ware Productions - producer of videos, posters and books for students and teachers on taking action against bullying.
http://www.bullybeware.com/ search within this site
More sites about: Life Skills -Videos

ERIC/CASS Virtual Library on Bullying in Schools
- ... Bullying in Early Adolescence: The Role of the Peer Group (ERIC Digest) Dorothy L. Espelage ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education ...
http://ericcass.uncg.edu/virtuallib/bullying/bullyingbook.html search within this site

Education equity concepts ... quit it ... dealing with bullying http://www.edequity.org/teasing.htm bullying
Bullying at School

Title: The Bully Free Classroom
Author: Dr. Allan Beane
Audience: Educators/leaders working with students in grades k-8
Ordering Information: Extension Educational Resource Library
Annotated Bibliography: This book offers 100 tips and strategies for educators in grades K-8 to use to deal with bullies (two books). The book is divided into four sections: creating a positive classroom, helping victims, helping bullies and resources. The author has included activities, surveys, guidelines and discussion to help educators who are dealing with this problem.

101 Tips See Schoolagenotes.com

To Skill about Responding to Bullying

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