Resources Continued

Appelbaum Training Institute,
Character Counts!,
Constance Dembrowsky,"Helping Hostile Students,"
Diann Grimm, "Social Skills" Diagnostic Center N. California
Barbara Porro, Crisis Resolution Resources of the Bay Area,
Diana Browning Wright, psychologist and behaviorist, Calif. Dept. of Education
Girls & Boys Town Social Skills Program Presentations,
Operation Respect: Presenters, free curriculum materials, more info on upcoming page

Creative Conflict Solving for Kids, Workbook, Peace Works
The Kindness Curriculum,
Rice, J. . Activities on various character traits and values, such as empathy, respect, self-control, and conflict resolution.
Literature-Based Moral Education, Lamme, L.. Discusses nine major values, along with activities and booklists that aid in discovering these traits. J370.11

Ready to Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities by Ruth Begun 800-282-6657

Social Skills Strategies: Gajewski, Hirm & Mayo, 57 reproducable worksheets, grades 6-12, 1.800.225.4649

Social Communications: Activities for Improving Peer Interactions and Self-Esteem, Marquis & Addy-Trout, Ages 12 - 16,, 1.800.225.4649.

Note: Books and materials are identified within the individual lessons of this web site.


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