The "STOP-PLOT-GO-SO" Strategy

This is a simple strategy to help younger children problem solve developed at the Diagnostic Center of Norther California. The steps give students labels for the processes they need to progress through in order to controltheir own behavior and successfully solve a problem.

STOP: Involves stopping yourself, staying calm and identifying the problem .

  • Stop myself
  • Stay calm by taking a deep breath, counting to ten or walking away
  • Ask myself, "What is the problem?"

PLOT: Involves brainstorming choices and thinking about the consequences.

  • Ask myself, "What are my choices to solve the problem?"
  • Ask myself, "Which choice is best for this situation?"

GO: Involves putting the plan into action.

  • Go for it!

So: Involves thinking about how the plan actually worked.

  • Ask myself, "How did my plan work? Should I do something different next time?"

Diann Grimm, MA, Ed.S.

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