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ACTIVITY 7: Let's Make A Deal

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ACTIVITY 7: Let's Make A Deal

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    Trading took place all over California. Items of trade passed along the different trade
    routes from one village to the next. Some of the items traded had certain values. Trade items were exchanged for other items of equal value. When a tribe member had no items to trade, but needed something, they used small strings of bead shells for money.

1. Pretend you are a member of the Bay Miwok tribe. You will be traveling to trade with other tribes. You will need to choose 5 items to bring with you. Think about the items you learned about in Lesson 7. You will also bring 10 strings of bead shells.
2. List the 5 items that you will be bringing with you. List how many of each item you will trade.
3. List the items you feel would be an equal trade. List how many of each item you will receive.
4. Purchase 2 items with your strings of bead shells.
5. Record your answers on Activity Worksheet 7.