A Planetarium for Every Classroom
Building and Using a Planetarium for Your Classroom Using Inexpensive Materials


  • Dome design - Jeff Adkins (based on a design from www.desertdomes.com, adapted from a similar project by Dr. Louis Finsand)

  • Scale model of 5 m dome - Matt Epperson and Michelle Medina

  • Web page construction - Jeff Adkins and Cheryl Domenichelli

  • Dome measurement and construction - James McDougall, Jovina Chagas, Daniel Wasson, John Busutil, Ramon Hannon--also the first team to do a planetarium show in a cardboard dome...

  • Dome Assembly Team - Angelica Domenichelli, Melanie Maher, Alisha Dawson, Vanessa Domenichelli, Carrie Hurtado

  • ...and many thanks to Kirsten DeNoyelles and the original "Devil Dome" crew that built the first prototype of this project around 1990 in Lexington, Kentucky when attending Henry Clay High School.





NSTA Files

Building a Dome

2 Meter
5 Meter
Paint Your Project


Making a Projector

Building a Projector


Using the Planetarium




Celebration Checklist page

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This project was supported by a County Technology Academy Grant funded by the Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation in cooperation with the Contra Costa County Office of Education.