School Touchstones

The the uses of social skills taught in the language arts classrooms are reinforced by the many special people that help in various settings on our campus.

Parent volunteers: Parents supervise students in the cafeteria and on the playgrounds during the lunch periods. They assist students with sharing materials, playing games, following school rules and resolving conflicts.

Campus Supervisors: They provide similar supervision as the volunteers. They are, however, employees of the district. As such, they are consistently present every day.

Recreational Activities Program: Our school has a wonderful after-school program for students. The activities include sports, computer learning and tutoring. The staff of this program encourages the students to apply the social skills they have learned in their classroom.

Vice Principal: Our vice principal, who plays a significant role in maintaining school disciple, has been activitely involved in our project. She has reviewed the lessons and evaluated their implementation in the classrooms. She has provided meaningful suggestions about the content of this website. Our vice principal is a major architect of the school safety plan.

Teaching Assistants: The teaching assistants actively participate in the instruction of the social skills lessons.