One of the most critical parts of the elements of instruction is the repetition required the practice. The authors of this web site have been successful in maintaining the interest of their students during the practice activities by infusing various applications of technology. In addition to learning language arts and social skills, the students acquire abilities in using technology. The following is a list of some examples:

The students take turns using a digital camera to record critical moments in the segments of their role plays. At our school we had an early model of a digital camera that recorded directly onto 3 1/2 inch floppy discs. This worked great in giving individual or small groups a means to transport the images to a computer with a word processor. The picture was inserted into their essays about the social skills. Having actual pictures of themselves or their classmates was an incredibly engaging factor. Using a digital camera to capture images of the role plays, students could make a story board and add captions. Some students went out into the community and took photographs of people using social skills in real life. The students could use a digital camera or a conventional camera. A flatbed scanner was used to make their conventional prints into images they could use in their reports.