Teaching Tolerance

A wonderful organization exists called "Teaching Tolerance." The group provides without cost materials for teachers to use in teaching respect for people's beliefs and practices. Teaching Tolerance publishes a newsletter twice a year about programs promoting cultural diversity.

The TT Resource Center gives teachers important tools for helping all young people develop both a positive sense of their own identity and a respect for other people whose perspectives and experiences may be different than their own. Teaching materials, including videotapes and workbooks are free to any educator.

In 1990, research from the Center's Intelligence Project and from other sources began to document both rising levels of intolerance among youth and the significant involvement of young people in hate crimes.

With this information in hand, the Center realized that its mission had to expand. It would not only hold bigots accountable in court for their violent actions, but also reach out to schools and communities interested in fostering understanding of and respect for differences.

The first step in that effort was a six-month study to assess the anti-bias resources available to schools and to teachers. Detecting a dire need for such materials, the Center enlisted the support of its board, its donors and an array of education experts in developing a new anti-bias education project called Teaching Tolerance.

In Spring 1992, more than 100,000 K-12 educators received the inaugural issue of Teaching Tolerance magazine, which showcases innovative, replicable anti-bias activities and initiatives from schools across the country.

Since its founding 10 years ago, Teaching Tolerance has continued to publish its semiannual self-titled magazine and has developed and distributed a series of award-winning curriculum packages to schools across the U.S. and abroad. The support of the Center's donors has enabled Teaching Tolerance to provide its materials to schools and teachers for free.

Its grants program, begun in 1996, and its Web site, www.teachingtolerance.org, launched in 2001, demonstrate Teaching Tolerance's continued commitment to helping schools and teachers access and implement the best anti-bias ideas available.

To learn more about Teaching Tolerance or to sample its materials, visit its Web site at www.teachingtolerance.org.

Teaching Tolerance has earned accolades from a variety of professional organizations. Its materials have earned two Oscar nominations, one Academy Award, and more than 20 honors from the Educational Press Association of America (EdPress) - including the Golden Lamp Award, the highest honor bestowed by EdPress.

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Teaching Tolerance
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