Links to Internet Resources

Here is a list of web sites that will help you with social skills lessons:
Excellent resource for teachers on many subjects, including social skills.

American Music Therapy Association wellness
Bully Online Bullies
Caring teachers
Center for Social and Emotional Learning
Center for the Fourth and Fifth R's resource values
CHARACTER COUNTS! Teacher message board
Character Education Links values
Children's Protection & Advocacy Coalition sadness & anger
Council for exceptional children resource special education
Great Education Sites self help
Lesson on self esteem education
Multiple Intelligences Links Page education
Parents and Teachers Talking Together parents
Season For Non Violence Home Page peace
Teaching Tolerance (teaching tolerance)
Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Music Thera… caring - music

Education News Messsage Board


Google Groups - You select from a wide listing of groups available

Invitational Education Alliance!

Liszt, the mailing list directory

Montessori World Web site

Reggio Emilia

SHARE YOUR IDEA. Sharing Board

Teachers Helping Teachers

Teachers.Net - TEACHER RESOURCES many options ...

TeachersFirst - Classroom Resources - you can send in letters

Yahoo - Note that egroups merged with Yahoo.
Select a group by searching a topic
An example of a group that is part of this listing is one begun by Susan Fitzell

Center for Teacher Formation
Early Development Steps to help create a study circle.
Based on The Courage to Teach by Parker J. Palmer,

Educators for Social Responsibility
On-site Training Conflict resolution,
peace building and more tel 1-800-370-2515 x19,
Center to advance the use of focus skills
Dr. Lucy Jo Palladino
Telephone (760) 632-0953

The Parenting Project
Teaching caring to children
by observing parents caring ways.
Boca Raton, Florida
1-888-PARENTS (phone)

Patty Horsch
Educational consultant familiar with
"The Responsive Classroom"
Erickson Institute in Chicago

Positive Discipline
To schedule a Positive Discipline in the Classroom
Based on the works of Jane Nelson workshop at
your school call Keri at 1-800-456-7770.

Quality School Program
The William Glasser Institute Chatsworth, CA
USA phone:1(800) 899-0688; (818) 700-8000;

Responsive Classroom
Northeast Foundation for Children Workshops,
materials on planning school wide discipline
Chip Wood
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