Brainstorming can be a group or individual activity. It's purpose is to identify thoughts related to a topic in a non-judgmental way. Participating in a group brainstorming activity requires a consensus among the students that there can not be any wrong idea. There should be an atmosphere in the class that any suggestion is acceptable.

At El Dorado the teaching staff provides each student with a drawing of a "brain," filling the entirety of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. The teacher has the same drawing on an overhead. The teacher writes the topic for brainstorming at the top of the page, then solicits the students to provide responses. The responses are written on the overhead and the students copy them onto their papers.

It is after this brainstorming period that the ideas are evaluated one by one and prioritized. This activity gives students experiences in being non-judgmental.

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