The Principal's Role in Teaching Social Skills

The principal of the school is instrumental in overseeing the development of social skills in all the students everywhere on the school campus. He or she, in fact, has the panoramic vision of how the skills are taught in the classroom, extended in the daily activities of the school program and reinforced by administrative support.

The authors of this project have been most appreciative of the manner in which our principal, Barbara Weil, has been actively involved in the implementation of our project. She has reviewed our lesson plans, goals and strategies. She has regularly observed in the classroom, been aware of the scheduling of specific lessons and contributed insightful suggestions during our planning meetings. When students are referred to the office, she requests them to reflect upon their teacher's instruction. "Remember that just last week, Ms. Falchetta read the story "The Pigman & Me" and you role played what to do when you have a disagreement? How can we use those skills to help us now?"

The students gain a sense that the entire staff works as a unified team.

The meticulous landscaping on the campus exemplifies the nurturing community of the school.