About the Author


My name is Maria Forester. I am a third grade teacher in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District in Concord, California. As part of our Social Studies curriculum we are required to teach about Natives in our local region. I became very intrigued with the Bay Miwok and spent many hours researching about their way of life. The information contained in this website has been accumulated over the past five years and comes from many sources --- the School District, historian accounts, books and other websites.

I first became interested in making a website about the Bay Miwok while earning my Master's Degree in Educational Technology Leadership from CSU, Hayward. The Contra Costa County Office of Education and PacBell have supported this project and have made it possible by granting funds to promote web based learning.

It is my hope that the contents of this website promote learning in your classroom, as well as generating enthusiasm for the subject.