Click Here to Enter the CCCOE Online Mileage System

Make sure you are using one of the these browsers: CHROME 38 or above, Internet Exporer 11 or Safari

Please Click a [LOGOUT] button when Exiting the Mileage System
Many users are just closing their web browser, which can limit the number of users who are able to connect.

The Mileage System works best with Google Chrome 38 or above.
You can also use Internet Explorer 11 or Safari (for Windows or Macintosh)]
[FIREFOX for Windows or Macintosh is NOT SUPPORTED]

Mileage System Instructional Videos
(Click a link below to view a short instructional video)
Mileage System Written Documentation


If you are having problems running the Mileage System through your Web Browser using the web link above and would like FileMaker Pro 14 installed on your computer and/or need a copy of the FileMaker Mileage Launcher, you can request it by entering an eHelpDesk ticket (click here) and requesting that FileMaker Pro 14 and/or the FMP Mileage Launcher be installed to access the Mileage System.

If you have FileMaker Pro 14 installed on your computer and a copy of the Launch_Mileage FMP file on your computer, you can double click the Launch_Mileage file and access the Online Mileage System through FileMaker Pro.

If you are running FileMaker to access the Mileage System, the Mileage System looks almost the same, only it will run faster. You can still use the above link to access the Mileage System through your Web Browser wherever you have Internet Access.

Thank you.

The Technology Systems Department