Mr. Al Leel
Mrs. Allie Leel
Widow's Peak
No Widow's Peak
Attached Earlobe
Free Earlobe
Blood Type: B
Blood Type: AB

Determine the parents' possible genotypes for each trait. Use the following symbols to represent the dominant and recessive alleles.

W = widow's peak w = no widow's peak
E = free earlobes e = attached earlobes

Al Leel
Allie Leel
Widow's Peak     
Blood Type    

Now, determine the possible genotypes of the babies born to the Leels. Use Punnett squares if you need.

Trait Possible Baby Genotypes
Widow's Peak  
Blood Type  

Compare the possible genotypes with the genotypes of the three evacuated babies. Which babies can possibly belong to the Leel's?


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