Waiting Your Turn

Educational Objective: The student will patiently wait for a time to make a response.
Language Arts Standard: Listening, Speaking

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity: Brainstorm times when you wait
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill
1. Sit or stand quietly.
2. Keep your arms and legs still.
3. Avoid sighing or whining about having to wait.
4. Join in the activity when invited or directed.
5. Thank someone who gives you a turn.

• Model the Skill
• Role Plays/Classroom Discussion
• Applications
• Independent Uses

Rubric for the Role Plays

Student (Speaker)____________________________ Student (Subject)____________________________

Date: _____________________
Observer's Name:___________________________________________

Social Skill: ___________________________________

Observations: No Yes
Did the student sit or stand quietly?
Did the student keep his arms and legs still?    
Did the student avoid sighing or whining about having to wait?    
Did the student join in the activity when invited or directed?    
Did the student thank the person who gave him a turn?    
Score or Points

Additional Comments: _______________________________________________________________________