Vision Statement of this Web Site

The purpose of this web site is to provide teachers with lessons in social skills that are directly tied to the California Language Arts Curriculum and Standards.

The importance of teaching social skills includes practical applications of the knowledge and values embedded in the literature. The extensions and applications naturally reinforce the acquisition of improved abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Further, teaching social skills directly promotes student health and well-being. One may contemplate the significant of skills such as "declining an invitation,""refusing requests" or "resisting peer pressure." How might that impact a student whose life may be surrounded by the temptations of drugs and sexual intimacy. Even learning the skill of "reporting inappropriate behaviors to an adult" might have profound ramifications for a student distressed by the actions of a family member.

The following are some health and safety issues that are addressed in this web site:

  • Personal Hygiene-its important to social acceptance and promotion
  • The Smile-it is discounted by teeth stained by smoking. A teaching moment to discourage the habit.
  • "Saying No"-resisting invitations to smoke or participate in sexual activity.
  • Reporting inappropriate activity and the "age of reason" -encourages empowerment to insure personal safety.

Issues such as these may arising during special "instructional moments." They are yet more reasons why teaching social skills is so critically important for today's youth.