Prentice Hall Literature Series

8th Grade Silver Level

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Social Skill:
Related Skill:
"Drummer Boy of Shiloh" Expressing Grief   p. 7
"Episode of War" Following Directions Dealing with Fear p. 16
"Charles" Reading Body Language Complying with Teacher Request p. 23
"I Know Why Bird Sings" Accepting Differences Media Models p. 32
""Road Not Taken" Self-Improvement   p. 44
"The Choice" Expressing Feelings   p. 48
"Email from Bill Gates" Netiquette Also see page 63 Internet Safety p. 54
"Grandma Ling" Appreciating Differences Reading Body Language p. 68
"Cub Pilot on the Mississippi" Dealing With Bullying Dominance/Submission p. 100
"The Secret" Listening to Others   p. 118
"Harriet Tubman" Listening to Others Setting Goals p. 130
"Western Wagons" Trying New Tasks   p. 146
"Up the Slide" Setting Goals Staying On Task p. 156
"Hatchet" Dealing with Defeat   p. 168
"Thank You, M'am" Managing an Angry Person   p. 172
"Flowers for Algernon" Children's Rights/Credibility Idioms: Sick to my stomach, etc. p. 182
"The Underground Railroad" Helping Others   p. 214
"Brown vs. Education Board" Bullying Responding to Prejudice p. 230
"Retrieved Reformation" Dress for Success Giving a Gift p. 242
"Emancipation" Showing Respect Embarrassment p. 256
"Gentleman of Rio en Medio" Helping Others Arguing Respectfully p. 268
"Saving the Wetlands" Volunteering   p. 271
"Raymond's Run" Sportsmanship Relaxation Strategies p. 288
"Paul Revere's Ride" Dealing with Fear Reporting Emergencies p. 302
"Maya Ying Lin" Showing Respect Talking With Others p. 316
"Travels with Charley" Disappointment   p. 350
"Choice: M. L. King" Self Improvement Knowing Your Strengths p. 364
"Ellis Island" Expressing Empathy   p. 368
"Ribbon for Baldy" Class Discussion Expressing Success p. 380
"The City Is So Big" Shopping Conflict Resolution p. 398
"An American Childhood" Fear Teen Violence p. 424
"Stumped Blue Jays" Humor   p. 438
"Why Leaves Turn Color" Trying Something New   p. 443
"The Storyteller " Listening   p. 452
"Speckled Band" Dealing with Angry People   p. 462
"Glow In the Dark" Courage Asking Questions p. 494
"The Tell-Tale Heart" Accepting Consequences   p. 522
"The Day I Got Lost" Greeting A Dog & Its Owner   p. 534
"Hamadi" Expressing Empathy Maintaining Friendships p. 539
"The Finish of Patsy Barnes" Responding to Teasing About Rumors p. 556
"The Story-Teller" Listening Skills   p. 576
"Medicine Bag" Embarrassment Changes in Adolescence p. 582
"Baseball" Sportsmanship Self Control p. 624
"Hokisai" Staying On Task Trying New Tasks p. 636
 Using Supplemental Fables