Introducing Others

Educational Objective: The student will introduce himself to another person in an manner appropriate for the occasion.

Language Arts Standard: Listening and Speaking

Identify Need
Introductory Activity: Brainstorm- situations when students have met someone new.
Define Steps and Sequences of Skill
1. Determine who is the most familiar or the most important person to you. Your parents, are closer to you than your teacher, so you would introduce your parents to the teacher.
2. You should be between yourself and the two people you are introducing.
Stand about an arm's length away from each.
3. Show enthusiasm about the situation and use a pleasant voice.
4. Use last names when appropriate.
5. Say, "Mrs. Turner, I'd like to introduce you to my mother."
6. You only do the introduction one way. NOT "Mom, this is Mrs. Turner. Mrs. Turner, this is my mom."
7. You may wish to slip in a compliment or state the reason why you are introducing the two. "Jim, this is Mr. Taylor, my P. E. teacher and baseball coach this year."
8 . Let the people shake hands.

Model the Skill
Role Plays/Classroom Discussion
Independent Uses

Rubric for Role Play

Student (Speaker)____________________________ Student (Subject)____________________________

Date: _____________________
Observer's Name:___________________________________________

Social Skill Being Practiced: _____________________________

Behavior of Speaker: No Yes
Was the speaker standing between the two people he was introducing?    
Did he use a pleasant voice that expressed enthusiasm?    
Did he use first and last names as appropriate?    
Did he do the introduction only "one way," not making a double introduction?    
Did he use a compliment during the introduction ?    

Other Comments: ___________________________________________________________


Speaking Applications:
2.4 Offer a logical sequence of information and engage the listener, foster an acceptance of an idea.

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