Tolerating Differences

Educational Objective: The student will appreciate the cultural diversity of our country.
Language Arts Standard: Listening, Speaking
Literary Platform:

Secure the video, "Starting Small," from the Teaching Tolerance Organization.

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill
1. Think about the similarities between you and the other person. Wow! How much you have in common!
2. Now consider the differences between you. How few they are.
3. Think about all the activities you share together as Americans. Most of the time their lives are like yours.
4. Be appreciative that diversity adds interest and color to our lives. Imagine eating your favorite food... day after day, always the same. It soon wouldn't be interesting.

• Model the Skill
• Classroom Discussion: Use Teaching Tolerance Materials. They are available without cost...and they're great!
• Applications
• Independent Uses: Pen Pal Groups

Teaching Tolerance Materials

"Different People, Different Values" 20 Minutes
VHS 2016 Producer BFA

"Peace Talks: Respecting Yourself and Others" 1997 30 minutes
VHS 4467 Grades 6 - 12, Producer HRT

Throughout the world people have many different customs that follow an array of social skills.

Below are two middle school students in Egypt. Just like us, they wish to improve their lives through education and hard work.