Listening to Others

Educational Objective: The student will listen actively and attentively to someone else expressing an idea.
Language Arts Standard: Listening and Speaking, all middle school grades.

Materials Needed:
The Prop Box with 2 telephones
Colored Pencils and 8" x 11" sheets of paper (for making a get well card)
Brainstorm Form
Appropriate Rubric: One for each student to complete during each role play

The Lesson:

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill

1. Look at the person and be ready to use their name.
2. Sit near where they are within good listening distance.
3. The more intimate the conversation, the closer you will be by the person talking.
4. Wait for the person to finish talking before you speak.
5. Show your interest in what is being said by nodding or saying "uh huh."
6. Demonstrate your understanding by asking questions, restating or saying thanks.

• Model the Skill
• Role Plays/Classroom Discussion
• Applications
• Independent Uses

Rubric for the Role Plays

Student (Speaker)____________________________ Student (Subject)____________________________

Date: _____________________
Observer's Name:___________________________________________

Social Skill: ___________________________________

Observations: No Yes
Did the student look at the person and know their name?    
Did the student sit where he could hear the person talking.    
Did the student move closer when necessary?    
Did the student wait for the person to finish talking before the student started speaking?    
Did the student continue to indicate interest by nodding or otherwise visually reacting?    
Did the student demonstrate comprehension by asking questions, restating, etc.?    

Additional Comments: _______________________________________________________________________


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