Professional Conduct

Educational Objective: The student will demonstrate a knowledge of what behaviors are appropriate in a business setting.

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill
1. Behavior should be related to completing the job for which you were hired.
2. Standards of cleanliness are high
3. Staff is well dressed or in a uniform.
4. Words used on the job may not be understood outside the setting of the job.
5. Offensive language is not tolerated.
6. Music, art and personal possessions on display are considered pleasant to most people.
7. Tasks at the work site may require a college education or specialized training.
8. Displays of affection or personal relationships are not permitted

• Model the Skill
• Classroom Discussion (Role Play Not Recommended)
• Applications
• Independent Uses

Related Vocabulary:
Higher Education
White Collar Job
The Office
Business Park
The Cost of Doing Business

Additional Standards:

6th Grade
Reading Standards
1.5 Understand shades of meanings in related words.
2.7 Make reasonable assertions about a text through accurate, supporting citations

Writing Strategies
1.1 Choose the form of writing (e.g. personal letter, poem or narrative) that best suits the intended purpose.

Speaking Applications:
2.4 Offer a logical sequence of information and engage the listener, foster an acceptance of an idea.

7th Grade
Reading Standards
2.1 Understand and analyze the differences in structure and purpose between various categories of informational materials.

Speaking Applications:
1.2 Determine a speakerís attitude toward a subject.
1.6 Use speaking techniques, including voice modulation , inflection, tempo, enunciation and eye contact for effective communication.

8th Grade
Reading Standards
3.4 Analyze the relevance of the setting (e.g. place, time, customs) to the mood, tone and meaning of text.

Writing Strategies
2.5 Present information purposely and succinctly and meet the needs of the intended audience.

Speaking Applications:
1.2 Paraphrase a speakerís purpose and point of view and ask relevant questions concerning the speakerís content, delivery and purpose.
1.3 Organize information to achieve particular purposes by matching the message, vocabulary, voice modulation, expression and tone to the audience and purpose.

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