Personal Hygiene in Middle School & On the Job

Educational Objective: The student will maintain a level of hygiene and personal grooming appropriate for school and/or the workplace.

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity: Brainstorm not Recommended
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill Using The Checklist Below:

Hint: You will probably want to dress like you're going to work. You'll want your future boss to envision you working for him. See Interview Skills

___ Hair combed and in an appropriate style

___ Hats...usually best left behind. Worn outdoors only

___ Face clean. (Girls should wear minimal make-up)

___ Scent free, that is no perfume or after shave lotion

___ Deodorant

___ Teeth brushed and flossed

___ Neck- free of jewelry

___ Neck- if you have an open shirt, only top button is open

___ Neck clean- you may want to use rubbing alcohol (keeps dress shirt color clean)

___ Neck tie-appropriate for business setting

___ Collar- is it buttoned

___ Hands clean with limited jewelry

___ Clean and well manicured fingernails

___ Watch-usually worn on left hand. Correct time?

___ Belt- should be same color as shoes

___ Belt- did you put it through all the loops

___ Belt length-should be 5 inches longer than your waist

___ Pants-ironed?

___ Pants-buttoned in front and back

___ Shoes-shined

___ Shoes-same color as belt

___ Most important!!! Your smile!


• Model the Skill Using Photographs- People in the paper or in magazines
• Classroom Discussion using checklist
• Applications: Important Extensions: Discuss the Importance of the Smile... and things that can detract it...such as smoking and poor oral hygiene.
• Independent Uses

Resource from the Attainment Company:

Personal Success CD-ROM targets essential activities for personal care—both simple and challenging. Addresses 53 activities step-by-step, each with additional tips covering safety and convenience issues. Activities are organized into topics: Personal care for women, men, and either sex; dressing for success women and men; and clothing care. Instructors can create a personalized list for each participant.

Students review frequently performed activities at the computer. Organize them to reflect a naturally occurring sequence—washing hands, brushing teeth, flossing, mouthwash. Use printouts to rehearse activities or as take-home picture cues.

Grooming for Life CD
Personal care routines

This video-based CD stresses the importance of personal care routines in maintaining a good appearance. Provides a “book” and “movie” option for each of five segments. The “movies” feature five young adults who prepare for an active day by completing grooming, hygiene and dressing tasks step-by-step. The storyline, based on the Looking Good video, is engaging and fun. The movies are closed captioned. Total running time is approximately 25 minutes. The books reinforce and expand the concepts in the movies. You can choose a “talking” selection which reads the text aloud. See Attainment Company