Interacting with the Opposite Sex

Educational Objective: The student will behave in a manner with persons of the opposite sex that is appropriate for the workplace.
Language Arts Standard:
8th Grade Speaking Applications 1.3 Student will organize information to achieve particular purposes by matching the message, vocabulary, voice modulation, expression and tone to the audience and purpose.

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity: Brainstorm Jobs with Both Sexes.\
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill

1. Evaluate your relationship. Is it personal or professional?
2. Set boundaries for openness and sharing. They will be physical, emotional, philosophical and intellectual.
3. Avoid physical or verbal displays of affection in the workplace or at school.
4. Don’t use jokes or humor that is sexually oriented.
5. Avoid sexism or making generalities about a person’s gender, such as “dumb blond” jokes.

• Discuss Applications
• Independent Uses


"Peace Talks: Handling Dating Pressures and Harassment" 1997 30 minutes,VHS 4468 Grades 6 - 12, Producer HRT

Building Gender Equity in Schools,Beverly Stitt, Southern Illinois University Press, Phone Order 800.346.2680

Perspectives on Non-Sexist Education, Barbara Sprung, Teachers College Press, Phone Order 800.575.6566

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Authors of this web site recommend the following workbook:

"The Gender Respect Workbook"
Group activities to teach non-sexist behavior.

by Janet Ruth Falon

This book has over 100 ready to use activities to assist teachers raise the consciousness of sexism and sexist practices among children.

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