Internet Safety and Business Use

Educational Objective: The student will engage in Internet activities, such as placing orders using a secured server. (Pre-vocational skill)
Language Arts Standard:
8th Grade Writing Applications 1.3 Student will organize information to achieve particular purposes by matching the message, vocabulary, voice modulation, expression and tone to the audience and purpose.

Materials Needed:
Brainstorm Form
Appropriate Rubric: One for each student to complete during each role play. To download the student rubric, click here

The Lesson:

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill

1. Always be polite to everyone in letters and instant messages.
2. Be aware that anyone can create a screen name with false information. Have students make up fictitious screen names.
3. Do not give out personal information. Use the same guidelines that you would on the telephone.
4. Remember that messages can be traced back to you.
5. Remember that the computer stores web pages that you have visited.
6. Report inappropriate interactions to an adult.

• Model the Skill
• Role Plays/Classroom Discussion - Review our schools Internet Use Policy that parents and students must sign.
• Applications-Have students make up fictitious screen names. Then the students present them to the class. This demonstrates that screen names may be just an identity that someone created.
• Independent Uses

Rubric for the Role Plays

Student (Speaker)____________________________ Student (Subject)____________________________

Date: _____________________
Observer's Name:___________________________________________

Observations: Use dramatic asides as needed No Yes
Was the student polite to everyone in letters and instant messages?
Was the student aware that anyone can create a screen name with false information?    
Did the student avoid giving out personal information?    
Did the student use the same guidelines that he would on the telephone?    
Did the student remember that messages can be traced back to him?    
Did the student report inappropriate interactions to an adult?    

Additional Comments: _______________________________________________________________________


Additional Standards:

6th Grade
Reading Standards
1.5 Understand shades of meanings in related words.
2.7 Make reasonable assertions about a text through accurate, supporting citations

Writing Strategies
1.1 Choose the form of writing (e.g. personal letter, poem or narrative) that best suits the intended purpose.

Speaking Applications:
2.4 Offer a logical sequence of information and engage the listener, foster an acceptance of an idea.

7th Grade
Reading Standards
2.1 Understand and analyze the differences in structure and purpose between various categories of informational materials.

Speaking Applications:
1.2 Determine a speakerís attitude toward a subject.
1.6 Use speaking techniques, including voice modulation , inflection, tempo, enunciation and eye contact for effective communication.

8th Grade
Reading Standards
3.4 Analyze the relevance of the setting (e.g. place, time, customs) to the mood, tone and meaning of text.

Writing Strategies
2.5 Present information purposely and succinctly and meet the needs of the intended audience.

This is a great lesson on the Internet. It is viewed as a large PDF file.