Expressing Success

Educational Objective: The student will appropriately express pride in his accomplishments.
Language Arts Standard: Listening and Speaking
Literary Platform: Prentice Hall "The King of Mazy May"

Materials Needed:
The Prop Box with costumes
Brainstorm Form
Appropriate Rubric: One for each student to complete during each role play.

The Lesson:

• Identify Need
• Introductory Activity: Brainstorm times that students have been successful.
• Define Steps and Sequences of Skill
1. Make eye contact with the person to whom you're talking.
Use an enthusiastic tone of voice.
3. Descibe the activity in which you experienced success.
4. Be modest by being appreciative. "I was happy that I was able to do it. MY coach really helped me have a winning strategy."

• Model the Skill
• Role Plays/Classroom Discussion
• Applications
• Independent Uses

Rubric for Role Play

Student (Speaker)____________________________ Student (Subject)____________________________

Date: _____________________
Observer's Name:___________________________________________

Social Skill Being Practiced: _____________________________

Behavior of Speaker: (Use asides) No Yes
Did the speaker look at the listener and make eye contact?    
Did the speaker evaluate the listener's mood to determine the right time?    
Did the speaker use an entusiastic tone of voice?    
Did the speaker give details about his /her success?    
Was the speaker modest by crediting his success to someone else?    

Other Comments: ___________________________________________________________